Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I See You

I think I could see you falling
Mouth opened in silent scream
I think I could see you dropping
Heart beats faster with the dream

I think I could see you loving
Smiling tragically ‘fore she cleaves
I think I could see you giving
Dream gets better as she leaves

I think I could see you screaming
Pain erupts from every vein
I think I could see you weeping
Smile grows larger, synapse drain

I think I could see you running
Aching limbs to be sawn off
I think I could see you crawling
Touching, laughing ‘til a cough

I think I could see you losing
Empty as you drop the bet
I think I could see you dying
Eyes awaken, bed is wet

Saturday, April 26, 2014

She's Trapped

She's trapped
In a loveless state, not even trying to get away
She's trapped
In a house with no love, or at least none that she knows of

She's sad
Says her prayers every night but always looks back
She's sad
Asked for help but kept on being so bad

She's trapped
She smiles at faces that don't matter
We're trapped
We're locked up away from each other


What's love?
When you'd rather be on a beach in the isles?
Teasing stars and drinking wine?
Holding hands and feeling fine?

What's love?
When you'd rather be smoking dope, sniffing coke?
Running away as you try your best to cope?


She's trapped
Reaching for fingers miles away
Smiling at people, pretending it's ok

She wants to slit her wrists and numb her eyes
rip her ears and bleed out dry
and she wants to stop fucking crying herself to sleep every night

- By Josh N

Friday, April 25, 2014

Who's To Blame?

She's hitting me with pillows
But why am I bleeding?
She opened up the windows
So why am I choking?

I guess
it must be me

 - By Josh N

...Just because you're in love doesn't mean the relationship is healthy...

Comedy Of Errors

Here's our comedy of errors
She took a knife and split my fingers

Hapless fools we wet the sheets
make our love and rub our feet

Looking down upon the Earth
poised to jump but not with her

Kiss her body and her eyes
She tastes like honey mixed with lies

Heaven is a place down here
If I kill her she'll disappear

- By Josh N

[Love Sick by Lissie Kun]

Your Heart is Frozen

Maybe you're a lover, and maybe you're a poison.
One thing that's true is girl, your heart is frozen;
And we all know how everything you touch turns broken.

 - By Josh N

Poem about high school group projects

Start furies in the ocean that you are
Make fireworks go off inside your heart
And keep your cool to show respect once more
But shove your merciless complaints right up your arse.

For ones who've hurt for years of neglect 
The numbness turned into small-hearted hate
And now amidst the chances of revenge 
Your complaints I will calmly tolerate

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poem of the time #2: Small Fire

He didn't ask for more coffee

I didn't offer more either

Too small of a fire to keep warm

Between the daughter and her father

You and I

You and I
Falling through an angel's eye
Deeper, deeper, through the sky
The light reflects our true desires
Streams of passion till we die

You and I, perverse in fear
Close our eyes and say we're near
Further, always, to escape
Pulling hard, away from hate

You and I, the drowning two
Neither of us know what to do
A moan, a cry, from miles away
The stars declare our love, they say

You and I
Broken in our faithful death
Faster, faster, slips our grip
Looking back, I hear your breath
You tell me love's an ancient step

Away, away...


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Love Is A Dream

She took my hand
Have you ever seen a grown man smile
like that?
It started to slip
It fell into space and I asked if she could
keep looking at
the sunset
Whilst I layed out our picnic

The warm summer night
reminded me of bright stars and glowing clouds
from where I came
But everyone kept telling me 
that thoughts weren't safe
and words weren't sane

When I got back
I saw her sitting, head down, hugging tight
her own self. Tears running down her face
from her glowing eyes - 
they made me think of home, as well
I asked her, "What is it, love?"
She fell back through space
onto soft grass

Warm bread - its smell - wafted over
as she stared up, sadly smiling
She took my hand once more
I gulped, it's not my turn to cry
"I miss the world I wished for,"
she said.
"I lived there in my head."
I kissed her face

Lying down, grass scratching my neck,
love pouring down from scarlet clouds
She speaks again
about how beauty stopped
as soon as beauty was a thing that she desired
She means 
that she forgot to dream

Anyway, stealing chances
A tear falls out my own eye
I grip her hand
too tight, 
she, too, grips back
I love her
more than worlds beyond or books or songs
I tell her wishes still belong
And that our future's here
Hold on

- By Josh N

Poem of the time #1: Sacrifice

How much conviction does it take
To not doubt
Every step we take?

How much humanity, love trust
Have your ambitions
Turned to dust?

How much of sacrifice
Before your realize

That every minute spent
For merciless self pleasure

Were the dew of last night's fury
A miraculous treasure?


And governed by all types of perversion - a world ungrasped and incalculable.

Sexual gratification of murder
for ration;
a childish giggle for foreplay
and death of a nation

Tender fingers
rasped iron bars
The prisoner bled rust from his head
into jars
And he sold them to inmates
too afraid to accept
that it wasn't a juice from a café
He said:

The devil he lives in a stairwell
below you
Your steps will alert him
Your breaths
will arouse
his affections
You left him, you said,
but you held on to death

And The Earth is a finger:
directed a sun
to revolve around pride if you loved
then he won

Have you seen evil’s vile
A split tongue
and a smile
Who created your fear
but a complex denial
of self for a while?
Oh dear

You set fire to hearth
while the wood prospered on
Because go from your birth
a malignant confront
told you life is a treasure
but just what is won
in a dank bloody cellar
where your dad
kept his guns

So drained out
of fulfilment
they winked and they said
if you opened your mind
you’d find summer
is red
from the blood
of a devil
and his wife that you tortured right under his bed

Mother, dear
You tried only your best
to declare a resemblance
to a God

and you dressed up in dresses choked dry by the presses
pretending to care when we all know you left us

to deal with negligence
far out a prayer
for some hopeless repentance
yes better beware. So
pass bowls full of water and cups with entrails

to your Satan still under the staircase

 - By Josh N

Entropic - A Poem

Will it be better on the other side of tomorrow?

A haunted castle swings
Pushed by the mother's foot
A miracle
That it's still latched
To nature's Queen

A rickety wooden horse
On a spaceship
A new course
Set sail for greener pastures
Water the weeds
They're the right colours

Considering throwing you out
There's not air there
But there are smiles
And warm hearts
You could hold your breath
While you made love

A litter box
Tossed out on the street
In an ancient city
Deserted last week
A play on words you'll never guess
Her litter's buried in her father's mess

Consider the fly, ye sluggard
If you can't eat the horse eat the buzzard
In conclusion we continue to hunger
We go on, considering it's stunning

Picture on the wall
Of a planet beyond our shack
Or a finite point for the universe' joint considering we're smaller than that --

It floats down from the pin
Where it was hooked for a while
Hits the floor, drowns there some more

Our memories lost and gone

- By Josh N