Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Love Is A Dream

She took my hand
Have you ever seen a grown man smile
like that?
It started to slip
It fell into space and I asked if she could
keep looking at
the sunset
Whilst I layed out our picnic

The warm summer night
reminded me of bright stars and glowing clouds
from where I came
But everyone kept telling me 
that thoughts weren't safe
and words weren't sane

When I got back
I saw her sitting, head down, hugging tight
her own self. Tears running down her face
from her glowing eyes - 
they made me think of home, as well
I asked her, "What is it, love?"
She fell back through space
onto soft grass

Warm bread - its smell - wafted over
as she stared up, sadly smiling
She took my hand once more
I gulped, it's not my turn to cry
"I miss the world I wished for,"
she said.
"I lived there in my head."
I kissed her face

Lying down, grass scratching my neck,
love pouring down from scarlet clouds
She speaks again
about how beauty stopped
as soon as beauty was a thing that she desired
She means 
that she forgot to dream

Anyway, stealing chances
A tear falls out my own eye
I grip her hand
too tight, 
she, too, grips back
I love her
more than worlds beyond or books or songs
I tell her wishes still belong
And that our future's here
Hold on

- By Josh N

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