Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Entropic - A Poem

Will it be better on the other side of tomorrow?

A haunted castle swings
Pushed by the mother's foot
A miracle
That it's still latched
To nature's Queen

A rickety wooden horse
On a spaceship
A new course
Set sail for greener pastures
Water the weeds
They're the right colours

Considering throwing you out
There's not air there
But there are smiles
And warm hearts
You could hold your breath
While you made love

A litter box
Tossed out on the street
In an ancient city
Deserted last week
A play on words you'll never guess
Her litter's buried in her father's mess

Consider the fly, ye sluggard
If you can't eat the horse eat the buzzard
In conclusion we continue to hunger
We go on, considering it's stunning

Picture on the wall
Of a planet beyond our shack
Or a finite point for the universe' joint considering we're smaller than that --

It floats down from the pin
Where it was hooked for a while
Hits the floor, drowns there some more

Our memories lost and gone

- By Josh N

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