Thursday, May 29, 2014


I'd never thought that love can find its way
Within the line between my sober and drunk state
The realness of you came like a storm

You asked me why I always look so sad

After so many times of being thrown to shame
From your lips I will soberly restrain
I hope I made you feel embarrassed

Give me your taste of realness again

Otherwise Engaged

You tell me
I wouldn't kiss you anyway
even if I weren't
otherwise engaged

Believe me,
I understand
I wasn't a small boy yesterday
running about, love-sick,
wanting you and maybe her

That's stupid
You go on
It's possible you're quite amused
Maybe it's all in my head
Maybe you would kiss me

Don't be afraid
You whisper
I want to hold your hand
just as you want, so much,
my tender lips

I wish deeply
That it's not a joke
Your words and motions comfort
but emotions are a game
You play me like a child.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

This Is Life

It Doesn't Matter If You Don’t (Life)
Our Broken Rhythm

I made a compromise when I first said “hello” to you
It took a while for me to process what that was
You made a compromise when you found my name, too
It took us ages to realise we were broken

I made a compromise by allowing you to be my friend
It was a hard thing for me - letting you in
You made a compromise giving me your heart to lend
It was a struggle for us every moment

We didn't listen to each other for a while
It was a stupid thing for me to do
We had a hard time coming back together
I guess there wasn't any rhythm

But I'm trying my best to show you I care
If you'll open up I’ll show you that it’s worth it
You are beautiful now so please don't disappear

My hands are always longing for your touch

I Wish, I Wish, I Wish...

I didn’t want you to dazzle me, honestly!
I mean, it’s not like I was out looking for heartbreak
I didn’t want you to smile too big or tell me you cared
It’s perfectly reasonable for me to want detachment

There’s not much to say about my artistic mind
or about how I get feelings so easily
It’s a pity, for sure, I’ll admit that
And it’s not like you helped at all by loving me when I wanted to die

So when I look at your bright eyes;
your white teeth;
your perfect skin;
your long hair:
dark, flowing, silky;
you, gorgeous in every way
I don’t want to be asking myself things like
“What did I do wrong?”
“How did I mess up?”

“Where did you go?”
In fact I’d rather I’d never felt nothing or anything however you put it
I’d rather I’d never met you or at least rather was blind
and on top of that I wish I was stupid
So I could never realise your brilliant worth
And could never love as a route to more hurt

Me and my Thighs

The biggest feud I've had of all
Is me myself and my thick thighs 
The friends you've known your whole life
The reasons for your silent cries
The lengths you'd go to make them right
The diets, so they'd satisfy 
The dress you waited winter time
To wear once.
And then the pay checks that you blew
To buy five bottles of the goo
To rid yourself of cellulite didn't work, and then you cried.

No thigh gap to fill up with love
Self love
No curves to hug the lovers hand 
No lover either.
And yet when time comes and you have to run 
Nobody's on your side but your thigh sisters. 

In beauty's eyes you had to compromise 
Embracing them has brought no prize 
But runner, that you are and woman too 
So find the love to give back to your thighs. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I am an architect,
Degrees at which the lens stands don't subject.
I am the sculpture,
They feed their intuition, vultures.
My eyes, my nose, my hair, bones,
Without completion, soldiers stand alone. 
Shield yourself with a cheesy lyric quote
As they bombard you with the heavy load
Of praise like God
To which you bow and thank The Lord
For granting you the knowledge that at 5 o'clock 
Instagram is crowded with the feeding stock. 
So feed them as they feed you.
And nurture in yourself a sense of pride and shame.
You're a sheep with most fur yet a sheep. 
We are the tragic heroes of this social game.