Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me and my Thighs

The biggest feud I've had of all
Is me myself and my thick thighs 
The friends you've known your whole life
The reasons for your silent cries
The lengths you'd go to make them right
The diets, so they'd satisfy 
The dress you waited winter time
To wear once.
And then the pay checks that you blew
To buy five bottles of the goo
To rid yourself of cellulite didn't work, and then you cried.

No thigh gap to fill up with love
Self love
No curves to hug the lovers hand 
No lover either.
And yet when time comes and you have to run 
Nobody's on your side but your thigh sisters. 

In beauty's eyes you had to compromise 
Embracing them has brought no prize 
But runner, that you are and woman too 
So find the love to give back to your thighs. 

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