Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Morbid Tale of Failure

Your face is melting
I can literally see your skull
I used to really like you
But now you can go to hell
Your fingers are breaking
The bones are slipping out
I used to think you were pretty
But now I'm beginning to doubt

You think that princesses
Rule from thrones of gold
With diamond rings and bracelets
And an heart so icy cold
You haven't been in power
You've just lusted after fame
Possessed by evil demons
Both they and you the same

Your feet are pierced by nails
You hang upon a cross
Your hair drags through the mud
Your eyes gush tears of loss
Is this really what you wanted
To fall right from the top
To waste your skills on paupers
And live to get fucked up?

I used to really like you

– Josh

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