Friday, June 20, 2014

The Wind

I think it was raining
Or just wind in our face
It was a matter of chance
For us to meet in one place
I asked for a light
Knew you hated the smell
You carried it though
“You’ll die soon you know
“I know too well” I said
With effortless grace
Wind still in my face
Hair covered my eyes
It even got in my teeth
“Wow the wind is a tease”
As I fix up my brow
And I take out my Bensons
Put the gun through my teeth
I’m a different person
I’m cool
Now I’d fire the bullet
With the fire you gave me
White old classic BIC
Most likely your brother’s
But the wind is a bother
I struggles against it
Flicker again and again
Like a fool
You don’t play by the rules
Curious now I’m awaiting assent 
Catch a breath as you said 
“It’s probably empty
Here let me try”
It’s like your lips on mine
The killer was now 
The messenger dove 
You didn’t succeed
“Here keep it”
I thought nothing of it 
In fact you just gave me
A useless instrument
We departed
 I find the lighter somewhere in my drawers
In shelter the wind is no longer blowing
I give a quick shake to the half empty flask
Or half full? Is there even a point to ask?
I sparked it, watched the small glowing fire
Got suddenly hit by an urge, a desire
To burn every bit of myself, all and whole
My hair my lips, my eyes and my fingers
So that I can inhale again
As not a sense of you lingers

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